Expanded Historical and Built Heritage Services

Unprecedented investment in infrastructure and urban development in Victoria continues to grow apace. This means expertise that can be trusted to facilitate the smooth rollout of projects is more important than ever.

Built Heritage

Our built heritage work is undertaken in accordance with the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter (2013) – a best practice document that defines the principles and processes of conservation and management for places of cultural heritage significance.

We work closely with the Victorian State Government and local councils, property owners, managers and developers to provide expert advice on the significance of places and appropriate interventions in significant heritage contexts with regard to design, materials and detailing of new built form.

Proposals for works may be in relation to individually listed places or buildings located within a heritage precinct. Our team have extensive knowledge of heritage planning issues in relation to new works, alterations or additions to heritage listed buildings and are well-accustomed to preparing heritage assessments and impact advice for submission to municipal councils and Heritage Victoria.

Historical Heritage

Historical Archaeology

Historical archaeological sites are protected by the Victorian Heritage Act 2017, and management of these sites is undertaken by our team in consultation with Heritage Victoria.

Our projects range from historical and predictive archaeological assessments, investigations and site surveys, Consent applications to Heritage Victoria to uncover, excavate or damage archaeological sites, excavation and salvage of both large-scale and smaller sites, recording and reporting on archaeological sites, assessment of archaeological value and due diligence appraisals.

Maritime Heritage

Maritime heritage includes historic shipwrecks and shipwreck artefacts as well as jetties, piers, navigation structures, sunken aircraft and ship building sites. Maritime heritage is variously protected by the Heritage Act 2017 and Commonwealth maritime legislation.

Our involvement in maritime projects includes heritage assessments as well as permit and consent applications.


Built Heritage

  • Built heritage assessments and preliminary appraisals
  • Community consultation, presentations and workshops
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Dry Stone Wall Management Plans
  • Expert witness (appeals, tribunals and Panel hearings)
  • Facilitation of heritage amendments
  • Heritage Impact Statements
  • Heritage policy and guideline development and analysis
  • Impact mitigation recommendations
  • Preparation of applications for consents and permits (to government agencies)

Historical Heritage (Archaeology and Maritime)

  • Archaeological sub-surface testing, excavation and salvage
  • Artefact analysis
  • Background, historical and ethnographical research
  • Compliance audits
  • Due diligence and desktop assessments
  • Historical and predictive archaeological assessments
  • Maritime heritage assessments, permits and consents
  • Predictive modelling and GIS mapping of historic sites

More About Our Work

We are known for our extensive experience in working collaboratively with corporate and private clients, as well as authorities at all levels of government in both rural and urban environments.

Our team are consistent, dynamic contributors to cultural heritage assessments, impact analysis and policy development.

As trusted advisors, Ecology and Heritage Partners are often called on for expert cultural heritage advice. We regularly provide expert evidence and advice on planning panels and at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) hearings.

Our approach is always pragmatic and professional. Our priority is to achieve the best possible outcomes for your project whilst ensuring heritage values are protected and where possible enhanced.

Further Information

Contact our Cultural Heritage Team on 1300 839 325 if you have any questions or to discuss your project.

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