Googong Township Water Recycling Now Complete

Congratulations to Googong Township Pty Ltd on the completion of the Googong Water Recycling Plant as part of the development of this fully self-contained community of 5,500 homes. The township is located just 16km from Parliament House in Canberra and is leading the way in urban development that combines lifestyle, sustainability and care of the environment.

Constructed with the support of Black Mountain Construction Assurance and the John Holland Group, the plant will be operated and maintained by Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, which is also responsible for the ongoing monitoring and quality of the water supplied to Googong and any water discharged to the environment.

During the construction phase of this project, Richard Sharp (Senior Consultant - Environment and Infrastructure) supervised the implementation of environmental management plans and monitoring programs. This included providing construction personnel with recommendations on the appropriate steps to be taken to avoid or minimise unintended or adverse environmental impacts during construction.

This new civil infrastructure forms part of an integrated water cycle management system which is expected to reduce potable (drinking) water consumption by around 60%, and recycle well over half of the waste water generated to irrigate open spaces in the township.

Further Information

For further information on the management and control of the environmental aspects throughout the construction phase of a project contact our team on 1300 839 325.


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