Solving Your Project's Natural and Cultural Heritage Challenges

Ecology and Heritage Partners are highly respected consultants specialising in the assessment, research and management of ecological and cultural heritage. Our company is built on integrity and professionalism and our team of over 60 experts has a wealth of experience in projects ranging in size from small to state significant.

We assist at all stages of your project; from initial due diligence and feasibility, through to construction, operation and closure. Our services support you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your project. They range from environmental impact assessments, permit and licence applications, ecological and cultural heritage surveys and management plans, archaeological excavations and salvage, biodiversity offsets, and environmental auditing, monitoring and compliance, and more.

How We Work With You

A successful project hinges on excellent project planning, good communication and an agile and a collaborative, solutions-oriented approach. To achieve the best outcomes, we match your project with the right skills and experience in our team. Each project team is led by a senior project manager who is responsible for maintaining high technical standards, meeting project milestones and objectives.

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Our Why

Ecology and Heritage Partners is founded on a commitment to the sustainable management of cultural heritage and the natural world. Each member of our team has developed a deep understanding their area of expertise and each enjoys working with clients to achieve successful outcomes for their projects.

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Safety and Quality

A culture of safety and quality not only brings peace of mind to project managers, it is essential to an incident-free workplace and the meeting of project objectives. As a client, you can be assured that a commitment to high levels of safety and quality underpins our work as we strive for best practice at every stage of a project. 

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Industry Memberships and Accreditations

Ecology and Heritage Partners and staff are members of key professional and industry associations. We participate and contribute to natural and cultural heritage organisations wherever possible, and strive to progress professional standards in our industry.

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Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to sustainable and responsible work practices. Our policies and actions are designed to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment including how we produce and manage waste, and how we consume resources and energy. 

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