Badgingarra Wind Farm

APA Group constructed the 130MW Badgingarra Wind Farm. The $315 million clean energy project features 37 wind turbines and is expected to power approximately 115,000 homes.

Ecology and Heritage Partners worked closely with the turbine supplier, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, carrying out flora surveys, environmental auditing, monitoring and compliance services, and providing advice regarding the layout.

Services included:

  • Targeted flora surveys for Cadda Road Mallee Eucalyptus x balanites and Spiral-leaved Patersonia Patersonia spirifolia to inform the final layout of the wind farm
  • Preparation of an Environmental Management Plan for the construction phase
  • Independent inspections and documentation audits to monitor the environmental performance of all Siemens Gamesa sub-contractors during construction.

The site is 220km north of Perth and characterised by sandy soils, a wide variety of native vegetation and passing flocks of Carnaby's Black Cockatoo Calytorhynchus latirostris.

Our team advised on the risks and actions to:

  • Avoid and minimise impact to native vegetation
  • Minimise impacts to watercourses or wetlands by managing sedimentation and run-off
  • Mitigate against importing and spreading weeds
  • Mitigate the risk of causing dieback form the plant pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi.

Advice on how to avoid and minimise impact on native vegetation due to wind farm design, construction and operation considered the species identified in the targeted surveys, threatened Xanthorrhoea (grass trees), flowering Western Australia Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda scattered across the site, and remnant patches of native vegetation.

Independent environmental auditing and monitoring provided by Ecology and Heritage Partners ensured Siemens Gamesa and its sub-contractors complied with approval conditions and exceeded high standards of environmental performance.

Further Information

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