Regional Rail Revival

The $1.75 billion Regional Rail Revival program to upgrade every regional passenger line in Victoria. Ecology and Heritage Partners were contracted to conduct numerous cultural heritage investigations and Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) as part of the program.

Each project our team has completed under the program has been characterised by long sections of track (almost 33 km) and multiple activity areas (22 locations). The large number of activity areas and extensive distances to be covered required a high level of project management, and excellent communication between team members, Registered Aboriginal Parties and V/Line staff.

Key cultural heritage works included:

  • Preparation of five complex Aboriginal CHMPs across Victoria
  • Addressing Rail Safety Requirements in working within the rail corridor
  • Comprehensive consultation with Registered Aboriginal Parties
  • Implementation of CHMP salvage program on the Gippsland Rail Line upgrade
  • Provision of cultural heritage awareness inductions.

Natural heritage works included extensive flora and fauna assessments, and fauna salvage across large sections of track.

Further Information

To discuss your project or for further information about cultural heritage advice and management, please contact our cultural heritage team on 1300 839 325.

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