Bannockburn Pipeline

As part of the Energy for the Regions program, AusNet Services extended their network of gas pipelines to the townships of Bannockburn and Winchelsea in Victoria.

Ecology and Heritage Partners were engaged during Stages 1 and 2 of the Bannockburn Gas Pipeline construction works. This also included 1.5km of pipeline realignment over road reserves and private land due to the the construction of a sliplane and roundabout on the Midland Highway. 

A significant component of the services provided by our team, was the extensive ecological assessments to determine the extent and type of remnant native vegetation, and the presence of significant flora and fauna and/or ecological communities. In one area, approval was provided to capture and relocate a population of nationally listed Striped Legless Lizard to suitable habitat nearby.

Potential ecological impacts of the proposed works were identified along with legislative implications. Our team went on to provide recommendations to minimise impacts and identified issues for further investigation

Key services for this project included:
  • Biodiversity offset planning and sourcing
  • Cultural heritage inductions
  • Due diligence advice
  • Extensive biodiversity assessments
  • Striped Legless Lizard salvage and relocation
  • Targeted aquatic surveys
  • Targeted significant fauna surveys.

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