Grantville Quarry Ecological Surveys

Hanson Construction Materials required ecological surveys as part of planning approvals for a proposed sand quarry at Grantville. 

The work of Ecology and Heritage Partners included ecological assessments and targeted flora and fauna surveys. The targeted surveys were required to determine the presence or absence of significant species, and if present, ascertain the extent of the species in the study area and surrounding landscape.

In the course of delivering the findings of the surveys Ecology and Heritage Partners provided a number of recommendations to mitigate the impacts of the projects and ensure it did not trigger a requirement to submit an EES (Environment Effects Statement) to the Victorian Government. 

An important aspect of this project was the provision of detailed advice on the measures required to avoid and mitigate potential adverse impacts on the significant species.

The targeted surveys were for a number of orchids, and nationally significant Southern Brown Bandicoot Isoodon obesulus, Swamp Antechinus Antechinus minimus and Giant Gippsland Earthworm Megascolides australis.

Further Information

For further information about this project and our ecological survey and assessment services, please contact our natural heritage team on 1300 839 325.


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