Operational Audits For Wind Farms

Our environmental audits of operational wind farms are considered internal audits with a difference; the audit is undertaken by a person who is independent and not an employee of the entity servicing the wind farm.

For wind farm operators, the audit is aimed at independently verifying compliance by the site service team with the operational environmental management plan that applies to the wind farm. It reduces risk and provides peace of mind to wind farm operators that there is an effective environmental management system at the site.

The audit may examine:

  • Compliance of the project, land use and management activities with environmental legislation and the environmental management plan
  • Whether a new action is in accordance with environmental legislation and regulatory approval conditions 
  • Whether current environmental management practices are best practice.

When part of the continuous improvement program of an operating wind farm, our findings can be used to enhance the environmental performance of the wind farm service team.

Our team have conducted operational audits for a number of wind farms in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. 

To ensure the audits are of the highest quality, they are always conducted by staff who are Certified Environmental Practitioners and Certified Lead Auditors in Environmental Management Systems.

Further Information

For further information about environmental audits for operational wind farms, please contact our natural heritage team on 1300 839 325.


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