Strategic Biodiversity Assessments for Melbourne's Growth Areas

The Victorian Planning Authority is responsible for the preparation and coordination of Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) in Melbourne Growth areas identified for Melbourne's future urban development (shown in red in the accompanying map). Ecology and Heritage Partners were commissioned by the Growth Areas Authority to undertake extensive and detailed biodiversity assessments and vegetation mapping throughout these zones for the development of a Native Vegetation Precinct Plan (NVPP) for each precinct.

The NVPP identifies remnant native vegetation patches and individual trees for retention, removal and offsetting. Planning for the precincts must comply with policy and legislation pertaining to native fauna, particularly threatened species such as Southern Brown Bandicoot, Growling Grass Frog and Golden Sun Moth. Other biodiversity values such as wetlands that needed to be retained or managed subject to detailed Conservation Management Plans were also identified too.

Detailed ecological investigations were completed by our team for 30 PSPs across all Melbourne Growth Areas (South-east, North, North-west and West Growth Areas). Works included:

  • Collection of data and information on biodiversity in areas identified for future urban development
  • Biodiversity Reports for each precinct to provide strategic context for biodiversity conservation in the preparation of the PSP.

Further Information

For further information about biodiversity assessments and mapping, and our precinct structure planning services, please contact us on 1300 839 325.


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